December Blues and Bright Lights

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It is Christmas and we have no snow. What is there about cold barren days that put me into a down droopy mood?I just read a poem about dust on books and couldn’t help identifying with it. In fact, I could have written it myself with my dust collectors. At one time I had all the books in alpha order, but as I take them out to read them, they never get back. So it’s a dirty job now and enormous to even think about reorganizing the shelves.I keep thinking, what if I drop dead—what a mess Eric will have trying to clean it all up. He’ll probably just box them all up and take them to the book-buyers.

The poem also talked about small windows open to capture the breeze. I remember putting as much of my body in my bedroom window to get a tiny breeze in the summer. Of course, we had no air conditioning, just gazillion fans that just blew the hot air around.

Today is Christmas, my 77th one, counting  my first one at six weeks old. I grew up with lots of family around on the holidays: my Aunt and Uncle and cousins Terry and Sally. Then, because my parents were divorced, we went over to my Dad’s family where there were about twelve kids and almost as many adults. I remember falling asleep and having my Daddy wrap me in a blanket and drive me home and put me to bed. He and mother dated so he was always around our holiday parties unless he and Uncle Gerald went to the store for something and didn’t come back for hours and then staggering drunk. There was always a lot of whispering when this happened and it happened more than it didn’t. When I grew up and was in my twenties and a drinker, too, I did the same thing to my relatives, didn’t come home when I said, keep calling to say I’d be a half hour later – and later – and later – and finally there drunk and belligerent.

These last years with Jason gone, Eric, Fred and I usually get some of Gino’s wonderful lasagne and take it easy on Christmas. I don’t even have any decorations up this year because of the kitten, Missy the destroyer! Anything that dangles or rolls on the floor is fair game for her. This unfortunately includes the two older cats, Jake and Simon. She stalks them and pounces when they least expect it. There is as much growling and hissing between them as the whispers of days gone by with my Dad and Uncle and their drunken disappearances.

I think I’ll go out to the kitchen and get started on the oriental cole slaw I’m making. It is Eric’s favorite so it’s my Christmas present to him. Have a great holiday and wonderful 2015.


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