Rehab Update

Well, it’s been about three weeks since my last blog and I do have improvements to list. I can now stand with the walker without putting weight on my foot. I can transfer from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to grown-up potty and back, wheelchair back to bed. In the therapy room i have learned to hop on my good leg while holding the bad leg off the floor. My rotator cuff doesn’t seem to be improving much probably will take longer to exercise it out. I get an electrolysis-type of treatment each day and I do pretty good with raising it as long as I hold it with my other hand.  I can see by the small improvements I’ve made, how long it will take me to recover. My goal is to leave this place using a walker and not a wheelchair. 

For those of you thinking your insurance is perfect, I have some truths for you. I have Medicare and Deancare from work. These have covered everything on an outpatient I’ve used it for BUT for long term care it is a different story. In a skilled nursing home, you have to show progress every day. If you can, Medicare covers for 20 days then Dean picks up the twenty percent Medicare stops payingfor a limit of 120 more days. BUT again, Dean has the same criteria as Medicare and you still have to show progress each day. If you get to a non-weight bearing status of no progress, they BOTH stop paying and you must go into a Private Pay status or leave the facility. Private Pay is expensive and a good share of us can’t afford it. Also, if you are lucky enough (using up all your savings, etc.) to remain in the Skilled Nursing Home, your physical and occupational therapy is extra. When I asked the sense of this, I was told the facility has a dailly exercise class that patients are encouraged to go to. 

I have wonderful care here at St. Mary’s Care Center, the aides are very nice and the meals continue to be great. I have no fault with any of the care I’ve received here. This then is an update. If you have more interest, send me an e-mail at 



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