Rehab, the new experience!

Well, I’ve really done it t his time. Stepped on some black ice and fell on my leg breaking my ankle in four places. I’ve had two surgeries so far and after eight days in the hospital, I am in rehab. My leg is not to have any weight on it, so you can imagine trying to get out of a wheelchair or bed using only one foot while the other one has a six pound boot on it and I’m not supposed to put it on the ground. I thought I was doing okay, but yesterday I found out I was putting up to 40 pounds on it when I transferred from my bed to the chair(s), so I’m back to baby steps again and just trying to do the therapy. Those who know me, know how I  hate any kind of exercise so this is like eating spinach or broccoli, in other words hard to impossible.

Speaking of food, the food here is great. Much better than the hospital and a lot of variety. If I don’t like the meal of the day, I can order ala carte from a bunch of different selections, and the desserts are wonderful!

Someone comes to visit almost every day so the time is broken into reasonable units. In fact most of the time I don’t have enough time between needing help to do EVERYTHING so waiting for someone to help me, meals, physical and occupational therapy etc. The days have gone by quickly.

Today I managed to get up from my wheelchair twice without putting weight on my left leg (the bad one). I also hurt my right arm so have some problems writing and typing. Right now I have just the right things set up for my computer (which is why I’m going on so long) and can type without much pain.

With that, I’ll close this down. I’ll write again, with more exciting news about rehab. My poet friends have told me they expect to see poems coming out of this experience. I’ve already written four whiney poems and one that is pretty good. So it goes here in rehab land.

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