These Truths Shall Be Self-Evident . . .

“Nothing built by human beings can be seen from the moon”
Toscanelli’s Ray by Wilde-Menozzi


I always thought that the Great Wall was visible from the moon––didn’t they tell us that and why didn’t the reporters check the facts. This is like finding out there is no Santa or the Easter Bunny. It makes one wonder about other “truths” and just how truthful they are. 

For instance: What about the man in the moon and all that green cheese he was going to eat. In fact, what about the stories that  we never even went to the moon––it was all done in a movie studio somewhere in California! I want to know more about St. Nicholas and Smokey the Bear. And what about Goldilocks––if some things aren’t true,  I’ll bet some are. Take for instance the three bears, the three pigs, the big-bad wolf, red riding hood. I’m suspicious of everything now. Why even our baseball heroes couldn’t make it to hero-status  alone. 

I always knew I hadn’t played the piano when I was six but I told it so many times even I believed it. Was broccoli ever just little trees? Black cats, walking under a ladder and three-on-a-match all gone to the absolute truths we insist on now, although these three have some basis in truth. I’ll vote for Santa to be real.


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