That Unspeakable Destination of Life


As Bob Dylan sang, “the times, they are a-changing,” and as I begin my 76th year, there’s no where so changeable as in my getting around.

When I was a kid (six through 13), my grandma had a “trick knee,” and would hobble around the house groaning about her knee whenever anyone was there to hear her. But once the living room was empty and her “stories” came on, she would hop to it with very little limping and no complaining.

This got to be a standing joke at our house, that Gram couldn’t walk but could run to get the soap operas on. Well, I have nothing but sympathy for her now. I have a bad knee and I moan and shuffle around just like she did except I don’t watch the soap operas, so I don’t know if I could hie myself to the TV without a limp or groan if I did.

Just about the time when I think it’s all downhill, I get my eye operated on––a cataract. A simple laser procedure that took about 15 minutes and when I got my patch removed the next day, Voila, I could see without the glasses I’ve worn since I was eight years old. Something actually improved with growing older.

I saw Judy Dench on TV this morning and she said she doesn’t allow words like “Old,” or 80 or “Elderly” in her house. Good idea, maybe if I stopped speaking about myself as elderly, I’d drop a few years. By the way, that doesn’t work with pounds! You can NOT talk about it all you want and if the scale’s not moving up, it’s standing still.

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