Meet Missy

The kitten arrives and is kept in the bedroom––in fear of our two adult males, Jake and Simon––but later we laugh at our fears as Missy the kitten chases them ll over the house.

Missy is a combination of fathers: brown and orange tabbies resulting in a calico tabby. Her colors divide on her nose, whisker follicles black on one side, white on the other.

It’s been years since we’ve grown a kitten to a cat and the house isn’t baby-proof. She discovers every dab of danger––from pills or strings right in her mouth like any infant. When she sleeps, she is adorable. Curling  into impossible positions, lying over humps and cushions deep into the unknown.

She is already twice the size of our first day and it’s been only a month. She has become a teenager, all gangly, testing mouth and claws. She eats anything––today I offered her some marinara sauce from my dinner. She licked the knife and decided she liked it, so I put a dollop on a plate and gave it to her. Well, she didn’t lick it, she put her foot in it and tried to brush it onto the carpet, then jumped on my beige slacks and I now have little tomato footprints all over my leg. She never ate the bit I put on her plate, but licked all the silverware and my plate when they were in the sink waiting for the wash.

The days I rue walking into the shelter are balanced by the love I feel. She still crawls up on my chest and puts her head under my chin and purrs and I’m hers. She will be a grown-up soon enough.


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