Making Egg Salad One Afternoon


Eric has requested egg salad, again!

It seems to me we had it just last week,

but it’s healthy and something we both like.

Fresh eggs don’t work as well because

they are hard to peel––I’ll have to soak

their cracked shells in cold water before

I begin. Such a mess if the shell sticks to

the egg and takes hunks of egg white with it.

The water is boiling,, eggs bumping each other

little bubbles rising around the edges. I turn

off the heat so they rest in the hot water,

their yolks coming together

whites solid like opaque jello.

After twenty minutes, I drain them and crack

each one against the pan, feeling like I’m

breaking their skulls, and put them to soak

in cold water. I’m anxious now, peeling time

is nearing and this is my least favorite part.

The water has had a chance to get under the shell

I pick up an egg,, tap it all over and gently squeeze it

so it feels like a ball of sand. the shell slips off without

trouble and I breathe again!

The eggs are chopped and now is the time for the color

and taste. Red peppers have become a small dice as do

the scallions. Now some pickles and a generous dollop

of mustard and couple drops of vinegar. This is my

deviled egg salad and the mustard is the important addition.

Mayo finishes it off and the taste is mellow but sharp and

closed eyes result in tasting deviled eggs. I’ll load it into

cored tomatoes and with a green salad and a cup of soup

we have a perfect late supper.

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