Big Deal


My computer sent me one of those deals––you know, the half-off price for buying or attending something you’d never pay full price for. This one was a gym membership and I was tempted! Two months for only $58 and no small print that sold me more if I stayed an hour too long.

I pictured myself running on the treadmill, my strides long, my arms swinging, headband saving my brow from head sweat. Then I would go to one strength machine after another pumping iron, doing leg extensions, sit-ups and what-not!

After two months of this, I would become lithe as a cat, able to walk two miles in 30 minutes, take the screw top off any bottle or jar in my kitchen. More dreaming ensued with me starring in one scenario after another, trim and happy. Then I remembered––

many gym memberships of the past, days skipped, coffee and donuts afterwards in a conveniently located cafe. Never had my body become anything other than lumpy and stiff, never had a smile on my face or able to open jars, just the same old me. Those memberships were for a year, maybe––just maybe. No, let’s be honest. this gym deal is not for me. I’ll let my cat be lithe and I’ll sit in my chair reading  my e-mail and eating the same donut and drinking the same coffee.

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