Oh, Norb, you really left us!


(Written April 23, 2013)

I don’t think we thought it would happen in spite of the continuing news from Door. This cafe echos with happy voices, greeting old friends and joining in tables of others, and I am alone with my shock that you left us at 8:18 this morning. What was I doing then? Getting ready for a poetry morning. Would this have happened if not for you? No, you brought me to writing when I thought all I wanted was to find a quiet spot for an aching heart. Look what you gave to me instead––27 years of finding myself through writing: the joy of my life.

There are so many of us finding our hearts broken as the morning goes by and more and more find out that you have gone––I am one small voice. What do we do now, Norb? What plan for tomorrow did you leave us with? I crave the faces of The Clearing who knew and loved you. Sitting here in this cafe, I can’t imagine a writing life with you missing, but you would be angered by that––you who showed us how to find our own voices, you who we respected and waited anxiously for your approval and got it, but not the work unless it deserved it.

You loved us in your way. You loved teaching and watching us change. Year after year, we met you at The Clearing and in workshops like Washington Island and others throughout the years. How will we ever say goodbye.

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