Some Thoughts on the Pope Visiting Casablanca


The Pope wore white; “you wore blue” but in Casablanca all tourists wore bright colors while European refugees wore dark colors to fade into the background and not be arrested.

The Pope named himself after St. Francis. It appears he’s very thoughtful and humble. I hope he takes care of the thousands of current and former children who have been abused by the priesthood.

In Casablanca, the Germans sang “Das Fatherland,” and the French sang “Le Marseilles” with tears in their eyes. The Germans wore gray and black and struck fear into us all.

Ricky was an expatriate who wouldn’t “stick his neck out for no one.” Ilsa was like the Pope; she wore white that night and visited Rick in his quarters. Oops, next scene, she’s straightening her clothes but Rick hasn’t touched a button.

There seems to be no way to link these two beyond their clothing. Maybe the Pope could sing “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina,” and Madonna could dance around him with her “Papa Don’t Preach” song, dressed in black and holding up a cross.

I’m searching for an ending beyond everyone splitting up and shedding tears–how about, “play it Sam; play “As Time Goes By”–I’ll hum it for you.


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  1. Jackie: You look beautiful here!! You will never believe that I often read your entries—I guess I will always feel some sort of connection to you and your ideas!
    I am currently feeling stodgy–and ‘stuck’–although I’m just finishing up a photo essay of people over 90, since that is what I see around me now…I can’t believe I am now 85, Bill is 91, and time is weird. Our e-mail is xxxxxxxx…would love to hear from you again, though I’ve quit making promises to respond soon! So MANY good memories of you!

    • Hi Barbara; I think it was last year, I tried to find you on FB and Google but all the info on Google was old. Do you still have yiour website? Your e-mail adds didn’t come through. Why don’t you send me an e-mail at and I’ll have yours.
      I think of you often and would love one of our long conversations even if it is through cyberspace.


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