Another Opportunity

ImageIt is February 1 and I look at it as still in the aura of my goals for the year. I almost forgot them in January and for such a long month, it slipped right by my best intentions. But the first day of any month gives me hope once more, that I will persevere and by July be  much more organized, slimmer and my legs will be stronger so I can walk farther than the kitchen.

I had a moment this week where I almost signed up for a Tai Chi class at the Senior Center–then reality reared its head and I count three times I’ve signed up and either attended one or two classes or didn’t go at all. The maintenance man for the condos came over to fix an electrical plug and I saw some of my mess through eyes other than my own, which have become inured to my clutter. We had to slide sideways past the treadmill. Therein I’ve stacked new books of mine, a printer, and my winter boots. I look longingly at the great space just waiting for more junk to be put on it.

The other night, an open bottle of water was thrown off by jumping cats. It landed on the 8-plug surge protector that was full of computers, printers, fans and lights. I wasn’t aware of this happening and went to bed at my usual time A bit later I heard the strangest popping noises coming from the living room. The popping was the water in the surge protector. I don’t know if the popping was the thing shorting out or just responding to the water inside. I quickly unplugged it but there was black sooty stuff around the outlet—eek! Could have been a fire and that’s enough to scare the beejesus out of me. (I have no idea how to spell beejesus and neither does my spell checker.)

Well it’s fixed now and we are not storing open bottles above it anymore. In fact we have elevated the surge protector so the floor is a safer place to spill when one of us forgets to recap the bottles or move the coffee. This cat is the culprit so I’ve posted his photo like a wanted poster. I purposefully have not posted the picture of the person who left the bottle uncapped!

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