Cooking Breakfast


Cooking Two Days After Christmas

I made a bacon cheese omelet this morning and took such delight in my new “green” pan that eating it was twice the fun. I put a pat
of butter in the pan (although I didn’t need to) and laid the cheese and crisp bacon inside. When I covered the middle and tilted the pan it came right out, voila!

How can I take such pleasure in such pedestrian things when the world is coming to such dangerous ends with global warming and the increase in storms and rising tides? The creatures of the seas are confused and beach themselves on our shores by mistake or just because their internal compasses are all askew from the change in water temperature.

A guy on TV this morning, intelligent and far-eastern looking said our weather should be considered the “new normal.” We have
the fiscal cliff looming, mass murders in schools, and a man who set a house fire so he could kill the first responders–two firemen were killed
and others injured and because of the calamity seven houses burned down and threw peopleout into the snow on Christmas.

Tomorrow when I make another omelet, I will look at my green pan and think all these dire warnings and change my tolerances and my fears.

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