Some Thoughts on Aging

After six weeks of pain in my knee and getting physical therapy, rubbing strong-smelling ointment on it, icing and heating in tandem, I find that my knee has a fracture in it. I’ll bet the ointment really helped that!. So now I have a walker and am supposed to stay off of my leg–no weight bearing at all. Easy for them to say. I’ve tried a little hop with my bad leg, when that didn’t work, I tried a little skip then a slide. I feel like I’m practicing for Dancing with the Stars. We have the gate up for the cats (to keep them from tearing each other apart), and to go to my bedroom or the bathroom I have to slide my walker through the opening and do this without putting weight on my injured leg, Ha!

I continue walking and the pain becomes a grinding set of cogs and clacks, rolling onto the pain sheet with each step I take. I stiffen up my back and legs and hold my breath All a waste of time, the pain isn’t going anywere. It just keeps grinding away as I move into the living room. I find my chair and drop into it with a sigh of relief. The pain stays right in front, taunting me and saying “wait until you want to get up.” “You will have to lunge to your feet three or four times, each time you let me into your body I will find my niche and get out my knives and hammers and begin to attack you again.”

I feel like someone sticks a knife in my bootie when I stand and try to walk. It’s just a regular old Muscle Spasm and will go away when it’s ready. I can walk if I bend over at the waist, which makes me look like Mr. Magoo on a search for something. That’s not the only similarity––my glasses have all gone for crap and I can no longer see out of any of them to read my computer. The distance is okay but close up I have to take them off.  I walked out into the kitchen this morning and almost dropped over in a faint. Every square inch of the counters were filled with stuff––empty paper bags, food, dirty dishes, empty soda bottles and other things I couldn’t see from my view at the doorway.Perhaps limited vision is a plus these days.

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