Just Meandering

ImageWARNING: This is a very boring blog tonight; it’s four a.m. and I can’t sleep so am just blogging to do something. I would suggest you skip it.

If it’s not the cats, it”s me. My right knee is acting up again––swollen, sore, unable to put any weight on it at all. I didn’t injure it as far as I know; it just began about 10 days ago to hurt. It was gradual and now it’s full blown. I went to physical therapy yesterday and after he got through “identifying” where the pain was (meaning he kept pressing spots until I screamed––then he pressed some more.

Speaking of the cats, they are getting closer together but still growling and hissing at each other. When Eric gets the treat can out, Jake will even get on the floor with Simon while he waits. They seem to need the interaction even though it seems to us like they wish to be apart.

The Democratic Convention is on TV and last night Bill Clinton gave a great speech in nominating Barack as candidate. He is able to make the convoluted subjects such as Medicare and the economy easy to understand. Of course, there is the fact that each party will portray the subject as they wish. 

The night before Michele Obama talked and she was fantastic. Barack certainly has speakers that give him the momentum he needs for his acceptance speech tonight. In the meantime, Ryan and Romney go about telling their version of reality.

I have plans to travel to Minneapolis to see the Terra Cotta army figures i the Institute of Art, but there is a lot of walking. I hope my knee is well by then or I’ll have to cancel.



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