If It’s 99, Why Not 100 and Make it Worth Talking About

Remember this and quit complaining!

Most of you who follow my blog, have experienced the same heat spell as the rest of us. Consecutive days in the 90s and high humidity. The farmers are in trouble, both the ones who farm corn and the ones that have cattle for meat and the farmers who grow wheat. Facing a winter of little to no feed for the animals, farmers are selling off their herds. Now for the past two days, we have had rain, lovely thunder and lightning and skittering clouds. Is it too late though? Has the corn lost its chance to pollinate?

What about me? I am far past the age of pollination regarding bringing life into the world. But I have ideas bubbling around in my head that seem afraid to come out.Where is the door to enter into my head and communicate with these ideas. I’ve lost interest in my last two books, pursuing them further after a couple (one actually) of negative comments. I’m still practicing my painting every day hoping that will bring forth the wellspring of ideas or just plain interest in doing something. And as usual I complain for no good reason–I’ve written three new poems this week. And even my title is a complaint, but really, if it gets to 98 or 99, what harm in tiptoeing into three digits and make/break a record. Well, we’re looking forward to a week of cooler weather––in the 80s!

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