How Silly to Think We Control our Own Destinies

I just read of a mega-tsunami in Lituya Bay in Alaska in 1958 that calculated the wave to be higher than the Empire State Building. This is the stuff that makes movies today, disaster films for our entertainment, nothing real, asteroids crashing into the ocean and engulfing the coastal cities. This must have been like that, the three little boats sailing home after a catch of seal who saw the wave–or maybe they didn’t see it. Perhaps it was just too big to comprehend. But these men had never seen skyscrapers and lived within glaciers and mountains that made them know their tiny lives and unmeasurable surroundings. It makes one wonder what a platforms of bull seals know in the times they are not breeding but just lying on top of each other seemingly for all eternity. like the rocks that fell from the glacier that day that caused the sea to rise up and throw them like toys against
the shore.

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