Sumi-E Class No. 4

Today was the last class and I approached it with sadness. These lessons have been very instructive, and I feel I have learned a lot, although, I am far from being able to sit down and paint a Sumi-E painting. I still do my best work on the bamboo stalk, the leaves not so good. Sue assures me with practice my leaves won’t continue to be all ragged on the top but will someday end in a perfect sharp oval at the end. Today’s Gentleman was Plum Branch. This one is particularly hard for me; can’t seem to bend my wrist enough to get the ragged bark look to the branch. I’m still practicing all the things I do fairly well (I know! I need to practice the things I don’t do well), but it’s so depressing to continue to make ugly blobs of paint on my pad; I need to make some pretty bamboo and orchid leaves and chrysanthemums. I painted a greeting card with a bird standing on a twig and two plum blossoms. It looks pretty good, and when I got home, I framed it, so I have a picture of my work. It is also the photo that is on this blog. I will continue to practice daily and maybe some of my pictures will resemble those in the book. Thank you, Sue, for your optimistic approach.

The cats! Last night, Jake decided to wander to the back of the condo (the part Simon lives in and is cut off from the living room by The Gate! Apparently, he was just seeing how far he could go and ended up in Eric’s room where he stayed for fifteen minutes or so. Simon was with me and sleeping very soundly and never knew Jake was back here. Jake is getting bolder–I think he is getting bored with everyone leaving him at night and shutting off the lights. Maybe this will be the key to them making up (I wish). It was 104 today in Madison. I’m about tired of these records we’re setting. We have to get the other car ready for Make a Wish and it’s too hot to work on it. Maybe the weekend will be cooler.


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