Third Sumi-E Painting Class

Rising at 5:30 a.m., I opened the front door to get the paper and was hit by a wet blanket of what was the air. Eighty-some degrees and high humidity–I began to dread what the full day would bring. Yesterday was painting class and I had trepidations about going, not remembering if the screen door stayed open all the time (meaning no air conditioning in the lower level where the painting class happens). After eating some yogurt and cereal, I made up my mind I would go but would leave early if it was hot there. I looked forward to seeing Fred, the mouse-catching cat. The car was like an oven. I put on the air and fan at full blast but it took awhile to replace all that hot steamy air. I also got lost again, leaving Verona. This is very embarrassing. Most people would get lost out in the country trying to find the lovely Whispering Woodlands, but I can’t even get out of my home town.

Well, back at painting class: This was the day for learning the “Third Gentleman” or the Chrysanthemum stroke. This was an actual object (like the bird I still have trouble with from Bamboo, and the graceful ribbons from the Wild Orchid). This was a flower and its leaves which is a similar stroke to the Wild Orchid, but curvier. I did fairly well (better than the ribbons and butterflies) with the basic flower, but the final treat was a Tiger Lily with its graceful petals and shy freckles. My lilies all looked like a kindegarten version of a flower in a pot and not graceful at all. I did get my new Haboku brush in the mail when I got home, but it is going to take more than an expensive brush to paint me a Tiger Lily!

Update on the cats: This morning when Simon and I joined Jake in the living room, there was the usual hissing a warning by Jake to stay away, and I, as usual, yelled, “Simon, Simon, no no.” This put Simon again wondering what in hell he’d done and Jake settling on the paper nest (see last blog) with a satisfied smile on his face. Both cats were quiet enough I could make my coffee and even drink it. BUT what made this morning different from the rest was this: Simon was on the desk chair and Jake came down from the counter onto the side table (which is close enough to Simon that Jake’s tail slapped Simon a couple of times). I thought Jake was just going to come to the arm of my chair and lie down as he usually does (he knows he is safe with me even when Simon is in the room). When a difference occurs––Jake continues to my chair and then JUMPS DOWN TO THE FLOOR and walks over to the couch and the paper nest and jumps into it. Simon just opened one eye and didn’t make any moves to chase Jake. This is a big jump in confidence for Jake. We’ll see if it continues.

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