Expensive Cat Toys

“The Boys” playing with their new toy!

It’s just like buying a GI Joe for a toddler. He’ll pick it up, walk it around making mouth gun noises and put it down and go back to pounding on pots and pans in the kitchen. Well my cats are little toddlers. We just bought them a cute fuzzy chick that, after being wound up, walks around making clucking noises. Simon was afraid of it and ran and hid; Jake knocked it over so it lay on its side with its little feet trying to find something solid to walk on. Jake got bored and walked away while we were left sitting on the floor with the chick holding our cameras.

But, wait. All wasn’t lost that day (and a week since). Eric got some kind of bathroom plunger that promised to do everything but cook spahgetti. Of course it didn’t clear the clog, so back it went, leaving behind a huge sheet of brown wrap that was used for packing material. This has become the “binky” of Jake who lies on it, eats it, scratches it and all together has a wonderful time. Enter Simon> Thud, thud, thud. First Jake runs for the counter where he can watch Simon. Simon of course begins his smelling action–everywhere Jake put his butt down since Simon last was in the room. Next Simon is up on the packing paper, sniffing for butt smells, examining every inch of the paper before he lies down on it. He falls asleep with Jake watching from across the room, wondering how he can get Simon to move. All he needs to do is jump down on the floor and Simon is off the paper like a flash and chasing Jake who jumps up on the counter where our sweet overweight Simon can’t go. We’ve at least moved the paper over to the couch so we aren’t tripping over cats hidden in their new toy.

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