Another Try at Bamboo and Birds

My first effort!

. . . and I think I have the idea of it but will need to practice, practice, but what then to do with my life than write poetry and meditate on beautiful, graceful art. We did move into “Wild Orchid” today. The second of the Four Gentlemen gave me many problems, but eventually, I made a ribbon with the correct presses and lifts, but I do much better when  the instructor, Susan, guides my hand. Then the examples take on grace. I still need more practice on birds and leaves, so this week, like last week, will be  daily practice. (For another article on Chinese Brush Painting, go to Archives, July 2009, fourth blog.)

As I write this, Jake, the cupboard cat sleeps on the edge of my computer. I should wake him and tell him my story of the mouse. At the Whispering Woodlands, where we sat making butterflies and ribbons, Fred, the gray and white cat of the owner, came boldly into the room carrying a mouse–dead mouse. He put it on the floor between Rebecca and me, and proceeded to start eating the critter. We hollered for the owner, whose name is also Jackie, and she came and retrieved it with a handful of paper towels. I think I was the only one who didn’t bat an eye, having a history of the same thing when we first moved here and there was a huge lot in back of us with only sedge and dandi-lions. Well, I’m off to practice making ribbons and flowers.

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