Update on Simon and Jake

As you can see, Jake still has his own apartment in our condo. It’s been over a year and a half since the boys lay down together. I’m not sure who is the instigator–it seems like it’s a replay of the Hatfields and McCoys; what one doesn’t do to keep it going the other does. Jake is getting bored on his side of the gate and in the night I hear him jumping over it. I don’t know how much he walks around, but I think it’s mostly in the bathroom and hall. Simon is always sleeping on my lap and although his ears are up, he doesn’t jump down. I’m sure he would if he knew Jake was out there. Then after a few minutes, I hear the gate again as he leaps back into his half of the space. I think Simon would make friends as he usually lays down and goes on his back when Jake first hisses, but when Jake doesn’t stop, Simon has enough and he will hiss and if Jake is near the floor Sion chases him back up into the cupboard. So we have a respite from their antics for a while.

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