Sumi-E painting by Susan Beavers

Yesterday I went to an art class called Sumi-E Painting. Sumi-E means Ink Picture. It was originated in China and brought to Japan in the 7th century A.D. by Japanese scholars. The basic strokes are called the four gentlemen: bamboo, wild orchid, chrysanthemum, and plum branch. We practiced the bamboo stroke to make limbs of bamboo with leaves, a bird and the bird is where I had my trouble. The stroke is to put the brush down, pull and lift. Much easier said than done. We worked about three hours and the next session is in a week, followed by two more for a total of four sessions. I sure hope I can make a bird next week, because I think we will probably be moving into the wild orchid stroke. I need to go to the store to get some supplies to enable me to practice. I tried yesterday afternoon with some rice paper and my brushes, but my brushes are no good and the rice paper is too delicate for my clumsy gentlemen, so I need to buy at the least a good brush and some newsprint paper.

The above painting was done by the instructor and she has many beautiful examples to show us. I do think it helps to have a talent in painting  of which I have none. But I’m a willing participant and really want to learn this.

As an update to the rest of my life, the cats are still antagnoists, We have the gate up and only open it when we are in the living room and can watch them. Simon is the aggressor and will chase Jake, who fortunately runs like the wind and gets up on  the sofit in time (so far). But Jake has lately taken to jumping the fence when we’re not in the living room. Fortunately again, Simon can’t run fast or jump over the gate, so Jake keeps safe. We sometimes wonder if Jake isn’t the tease and Simon just answering his challenges.

Look for my update next week on the painting.

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