Enter the Gate

Just a brief update about the animals–still fighting, still hissing and growling. We bought a “Pet Gate” which is like a baby gate but taller and so far the aggressive cat (Simon) is too fat to jump it, so Jake is safe on the other side. But of course, we spend most of our time opening and closing Simon out of the room, while Jake appears to own the front part of the condo. We have cat boxes two different locations and at least four locations for food.

New Subject – The Clearing.

Only six weeks to go til The Clearing week. I sent my ms. off to Blei and sync’d my printer with my new computer. May doesn’t appear any warmer at its start than was April. Some sunshine but a cold wind. We’re lucky here in my area–no floods or tornados, so am grateful for south central Wisconsin.

I’m loving my Apple MacBook Air. I’ve had three instruction classes at The Apple Store and otherwise the transition is painless. I truly love it and take it with me everywhere. I keep my desktop stickies current with questions so I have things to ask and learn about when I go. A lot of it is common sense and just having the close and minimize buttons on the other side of the screen has become second nature, in fact, when I use the Dell, I find myself on the wrong side trying to close down the pages.

By the way–the above photo shows how much more I resemble my grandmother than my mother. Too bad, Mom was beautiful all the way to the end.

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