My Fall From Grace

My son and I share an apartment
he gets the master bedroom with its own bathroom,
I get the other bedroom and kitchen.

We have separated the living room into two sections
for our separate chairs and cabinets of stuff!
I believe my section is by far the neatest,
he tends to disagree, of course.

The other day I had to close the window (his side)
and gingerly stepped over three pair of shoes,
a week’s newspapers, a plastic bin
of more newspapers and magazines, and the final
obstacle, a stack of two cardboard boxes. Well,
you have the picture in your head already.

Just as my one foot was planted firmly between
the bin and the shoes, I raised my other leg
to circumvent the newspapers and straddle the box
when the foot on the newspapers slipped. With much
gesturing, swearing and trying to hold balance,
I skated less than gracefully forward while falling
backwards seat-first into the cardboard boxes.

Where I couldn’t get out.

Without calling for help from you-know-who.

Who was asleep in his master bedroom with its own bathroom.

I do admit it was almost worth it to see the sheepish look
on his face when he saw me ass-over-teakettle in his box
and I was damn hard to remove from the angle around his stuff.
It seems my fall worked a miracle, the area is much neater
and when the window needs closing, there is a cleared path
and the boxes are missing.

I guess there is some point to having a mother
ass-fall into your box of important stuff.


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