Update on the Cats

As of today, the cats are on Prozac. The other medicine didn’t seem to help and we still have hissing and yowling going on whenever they meet. We’ve moved Jake’s catbox out into the mud room which is off the kitchen. This side of the house has become his territory–kitchen, living room and store room. Simon comes and goes to eat and check on Jake but it always brings about the posturing and hissing etc. This medicine is more difficult to give as it is a liquid that I must squirt into their mouths. The other was just a cream I put on the inside of their ears and they didn’t mind it a bit; this new stuff will be a challenge. Jake seems all right mentally and plays and socializes with us when Simon is asleep in the bedrooms. Neither one seems as frazzled as we are. I don’t know if this will work or not. Most of the literature says to separate them for at least a month and then reintroduce them to each other again. Eric absolutely refuses to consider sending Simon away and I’m not sure where we would do it anyway. Fred is a suggestion but not a very positive one. I guess we’ll try this for now.

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