Woke up at 4:30 a.m. with a cat fight on my lap. I’d been sleeping in the chair out in the living room with Jake on my lap. Apparently Simon decided to jump onto my lap and must have jumped onto Jake and all hell ensued. If you’ve ever had a cat fight on your lap in the dark, you know it’s like being awakened with ice water. They carried on for less than a minute but in the process I got two bites on my hand, one of which bled profusely. We’ve now got them separated again–Jake in Eric’s room, Simon free.

Things got worse yesterday between them; more than just hissing and growling, there was serious chasing, snarling and blood curdling cat calls. We cancelled plans for dinner out with Fred and watched over them. Jake does seem to feel safe (or did) on my lap and spends most of his time there or on the soffit in the kitchen. We’re trying to ride this out but it’s hard. The last thing we want is to give one of them away.

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