Taking the Cat to the Bathroom

This fight between the two brothers is getting old, believe me. Not only do we have to have a different food dish for the kitchen counter for Jake, but along with two differently located cat boxes, we now take turns carrying him to the cat box to do his business. Whenever he is on the floor, Simon tries to get friendly with him and the hissing and snarling begins from Jake, then Simon, rebuffed, picks it up and if Jake runs, Simon chases him and what screaming comes from that about flattens out our ears. So it’s just easier to carry him once in the morning and again at night, which seems to take care of his litter box needs.

I had been giving the medicine to both of them, but switched over to just Jake, who it was prescribed for by the vet. That has been the easiest part because of just rubbing it on his ear. Simon seems as laid back as usual, sleeping and acting like everything is fine unless Jake starts something. I don’t know how long this can go on–forever? At least they can be in the same room now which is some improvement.


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