This is where I wish Jake were–but he’s not; he’s up in the cupboard over the refrigerator or on the soffit around the kitchen. This is Simon in Jake’s box and that is the story the way it is these days around here–one cat in the cupboard and one having the freedom to roam. This morning we had another incident–woke me out of a sound sleep, hissing and growling and things falling to the floor. Simon had Jake backed up to a wall and Jake was slashing at Simon because he couldn’t get away. I spent the next five minutes spraying water on Simon until he finally left so Jake could get away.

I read an article by Dr. Jon (an on-line vet who has a daily topic–it was on aggression in your pets (who says the computer doesn’t open up your living room to the net!!!). Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have any ideas for ending, in fact, the article almost seemed non-ending for the fighting; I hope not. So far we’ve tried the collars with the Feliway, separating them in different rooms, litter boxes separate now and feeding separately. I have some other medicine we’ve hoped we wouldn’t have to use, but I may need to try it as well.

Well, life goes on and I have a poetry reading today at Avols, so I’ll have to let them work it out for a time while I practice my poems and then they will be alone while we are away this afternoon–they seem to sleep while we are gone and also if ownership of us is the problem, some of the tension is relieved.



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