Fighting Cats

This is what my babies looked like just two short weeks ago. Something happened then to piss them off and they have been fighting every since. We’ve tried everything–sprays, separating them, pretending to be mother cat and scruffing them down and hissing at them, etc. Still no luck. The cat (Jake) that was the alpha cat is under attack by the other one (Simon). Simon stalks Jake, then Jake growls and hisses, then Simon does and pretty soon it begins to sound like a hill full of coyotes, all vocalizing. The latest thing we’ve tried are collars for each of them with a scent like mother pheramones which is supposed to calm them down. A little maybe, but still stalking and hissing. We took the one under attack, Jake, into the vet yesterday to have him checked over as we had a suggestion that maybe he was ill and the other cat was taking advantage of his weakness. So far, he’s healthy but we have to wait for the blood test to come back. Such goings on! I sure hope it doesn’t come down to a pill for either of them (as I wrote before, pilling a cat is no fun and little successful.) I’ll keep you posted. The only other thing that happened was that my first husband died and we wonder if he’s lurking about trying to get my goat or my cat as it were.
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