Happy New Year and Greetings of the Season

December 2010

Hi, Everyone: 

 Another year comes to a close and my Christmas Card list continues its diminishment! I’m happy to say it isn’t primarily because of friends dying although there has been some of that, too. I think more and more people are using their computers to send greetings or because of year-around communication on E-mail or Face Book or other social sites, there isn’t the impetus to write the Christmas epistle anymore. I know that is the case with me more recently.

I went on three vacations this year: my regular trip to The Clearing in June, which was wonderful because our writing mentor, Norb, had been very ill most of 2009 and 2010 and it wasn’t for sure he would be able to teach. But he did and we were all blessed with his wit and education.  My second trip was a long weekend on Door County’s Washington Island with most of the same folks that meet up at The Clearing—all Norb’s people. We had a beautiful weekend, color riotous and weather like Indian Summer. Norb taught the entire day on Saturday and we all went out for supper at a fun restaurant where they closed except for us and a guitar player who entertained us. Such fun. My third trip was with my good friend, Fay. We took a ride to La Crosse and just took it easy and saw the sites—a Mississippi cruise, lots of good food and plenty of laughter.

I took on the task in 2010 of challenging myself to write a poem a day and a haiku a day. I never missed and I have massive folders of poems, although I have to admit some were done just to get it over with and won’t win any contests! In 2011 my challenge will be to journal every day, not only saying I went to the grocery store (which is about all I do these days when I go out), but to write a bit about my opinion and outlook for the year. This seems infinitely more difficult when I think about it.

Eric and the black beauties (Jake and Simon) are well. We’re all walking yet though I have some arthritis that gets in the way of my doing much in the way of physical stuff. Eric turned 51 this year, Simon and Jake 10. Jason has been gone seven and half years—it hardly seems possible. Fred is fine—works in the garage on projects and keeps busy. We all wish you healthy and happy holidays and on into the new year.

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