I’ve decided to write about avocados today mainly because I want to discover what I know and think about this fruit that still seems foreign to me. To begin, it is impeccably colored a clear green or deep black-green with a slightly nubby skin. It is very delicate but once open, one must slam the blade of knife into the pit and twist to remove it—all without bruising the pale green or yellow flesh. Then a criss-cross is carved into each half and the skin turned inside out wherein the flesh comes away from the peal and is ready for slicing. It is important to work quickly and get the flesh into a solution of lemon or lime juice so it won’t darken. At this point, don’t press your thumb into the flesh, a bruise will develop from the pressure of the digit. Now  it is time to drop it into a salad or slice it on a sandwich. This is the heavenly part of the fruit—the eating part, which one does with juices dripping down one’s chin and sounds of smacking come from the lips. That is all I know of an avocado.

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