“the poem begins . . .

“the poem begins neither in words nor meanings but in the small cells haunting us
                    in the stones”
                     George Oppen




Dragon’s Blood
(found poem)

Red from the earth, the mineral
Mercury Sulfide is known as Cinnabar.
It can be translucent to transparent;
its crystals are small complex
and prismatic. It is always in the company
of igneous rock masses, thought to be
formed by precipitation from
ascending hot water.

The red crystalline form is
distinguished from all other red minerals
by its peculiar color and great weight
and is a non-conductor of electricity.
Cinnabar has a hardness of 2 – 2.5 (very
soft) and a specific gravity of 8. 

The origin of its name is probably Chinese
and in ancient times; it was intricately carved.
Today, much jewelry called Cinnabar
is actually a heavy, molded, resin-based polymer
made to resemble Cinnabar beads
or red lacquered wood.

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