The “Snuggie”

The new rage is here—a blanket with sleeves, so you can read or knit, or whatever, while you keep your thermostat turned down to frigid, saving the environment. It comes in solid colors, prints (as in leopard) and for your pet. I have two—lazy as I am, it’s far too much trouble to drag it back and forth from the living room to the bedroom.

 A couple of observances about the snuggie: It is very very long; I’m no shorty, and I’m tripping over it every time I move from the chair. I don’t even use the sleeves because I get up and down so often and, again, I don’t want to take it with me for fear of becoming lost in its voluminous folds. Second, I hesitate to see many pets wearing one—to begin with I have cats and no self-respecting cat would be caught dead in an article of clothing, especially one that trips you whenever you move around.

 I do love the softness of it, and it is warm—I usually use it when I want to nap, not when I’m awake. The cats love it and within seconds of spreading it over me, they appear from their hidden places to plop themselves down—one on my lap, the other on my legs. Neither of them goes anywhere near the empty sleeves. We sleep then, and I believe I am a little furry creature too.

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