Pilling the Cat


Simon’s Same-Day Surgery

 My Simon cat had an operation.
they took his bladder right out
of his body and worked on it
separately—like stuffing
a chicken breast—and then put it
back inside of his belly, all fixed.

We hope!

It was “same-day surgery” so he
came home as we humans do
following this ordeal groggy, sore,
not hungry or thirsty and needing
to begin to eat and drink, and of course
with four different kinds of pills.

Did you ever try to pill a cat?

 Poor little tyke has this fresh
incision in his belly and I’m trying
to manhandle him to the ground
so I can ram a bad tasting pill down
his throat far enough that he can’t
spit it out.


Well we count our successes in ratios:
out of four, we were able to keep two
in his mouth and sprinkle one on his food
which he ate—surprised me! The only
pill we are total failures at is a tiny purple
capsule to keep him from straining at peeing
and lick himself raw. But at least, we
were able to get the pain meds into him
so while he’s scratching and licking, he
will feel no pain.


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