Winter isn’t foolin’ round!

Snowflakes drift down to lay on yesterday’s whiteness. There is a softness in the quiet this morning,
the children from the day care center are staying in, no dogs are out yet and the day is filled with possibilities.  I’ve been reading blogs and working on my own; feels like the usual winter chores—sorting photos or dusting books, but only two days ago, there was no snow and the furnace hadn’t choked back to life for the season.

The cats wanted out in the garage but came roaring back in less than five minutes—sweet house-bound softies! They sleep, curled into each other on the bed, blanket made into a warm nest. I bet they said a prayer of thanks. As for praying, I began meditating again after twenty years of absence. I made five minutes but forgot to turn off the radio, so was concentrating more n Obama and Pakistan than ooom.

After an entire month of grayness in November, I’m enjoying a burst of energy—the whiteness of the snow
and brightness of the view through my windows gives me a boost to get moving and bake something.

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  1. Hey girlfriend of ages past; just rec’d your card with cats and Eric and YOU! Went to your blog–first time I’ve gone to a blog and left a message no less. Your last entry–on winter’s gladning your heart–reminded me to my days past at the Meditation Institute. Fact is I just shared those days with a girlfriend who has led a similar spiritual journey. Don’t meditate no more though.

    You sound well but then I know what an expert you can be with hiding the depths of Jackie from the public eye. It’s the poetry that discloses the magnitude of your life experiences.

    Oh, it’s good to see your face, smiling, and know that you are still writing. We need a get together.

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