I Need a Hug!

Another rejection in today’s mail. That’s three this past month. Makes one gun-shy about continuing to send out—but then remember all the rejections that the well-known writers talked about in their early careers, they kept sending! 

Funny how we don’t keep track of the positives in life if we haven’t pursued them first. The surprises that come our way are either taken for granted or looked on as someone trying to get over on us. Sometimes, even if I have gone looking for success and found it, I’ve still questioned whether I really deserve it.

I don’t have my youth to blame this on—my lack of success in life. I’ve had both! My youth was the vehicle for mistakes, yearnings and successes. My middle years were the culmination of my career and making a living. It’s in my current graying years that the positives seem so important and the negatives so numerous.

I just passed my 71st birthday this week and maybe that’s why I’m so pensive. It sure would be nice to see my name on a first class journal before my pen withers in my hand. I guess the answer to that is SHUT UP AND KEEP TRYING—the mantra of my present life.

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  1. Here’s that hug . . . and a “WAKE UP!!!” to anybody who’s rejecting your writing. What the hell are they thinking?

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