The Glories of Chocolate

After using my willpower for upwards of three months, I HAD to go to MyMenu and buy a double fudge chocolate cake. This is my fourth cake and each one gets better. This one I immediately cut into thirds and put two of them into the freezer, thereby leaving me one chunck of chocolate as rich as George Clooney, ummmmm!

The cake is sheet style and about two inches high, 1/2 inch is frosting and what frosting! This cake is what defines the exclamation point of the present for me. It is chocolate with just a hint of coffee, cold and creamy like hard butter and sticks to your teeth in just the right way, so that much tooth sucking can follow the actual eating of each forkful. It is a deep brown like freshly polished mahogany.

One might think that the cake could not hold a candle (sic) to the frosting but wrong–the cake is so moist, it sticks to the fork, allowing for fork sucking along with tooth work. The entire passage of the piece of cake to my stomach is filled with sensory delights. At the end, the fork is used to scrape up all the bits and flakes of frosting and cake that stayed behind. If I’m lucky I will miss a morsel or two on my chin or cheek and find it an hour later and have another sensory experience, albeit minisule.

I might add, they also have Creme Brule.

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