A Lunch with the Girls!

What is easier to accomplish than going out to eat with the girlfriends. Especially at a restaurant that serves fettucini and other rich fattening choices. A group of us get together to celebrate our birthdays, and we bring presents and gossip, rest and enjoy a hearty(!) meal.

My son was going to drive me to the meeting place (45 minutes away), and I prepared myself to go at 4:15 to make the 5 pm dinnertime. At 4 pm he decides he doesn’t want to go anymore, but would I stop at the bank to cash his check and bring him home some chicken tetrazinni. Of course this threw me into a panic because I now had to drive myself, in the rain, plus do errands. So I decided to leave right away, and to be honest I was a little pissed.

I was almost to the bank when I realized my bridgework was at home whitening in the bathroom; this presents a real problem both cosmetically and physically (my son would later comment that I could have ordered “soft” food). It was 4:15 by now, and I turned into the bank and went to the drive-thru to make the deposit. You can understand my chagrin when I realized I was at the drive-thru of Walgreens’ drug store not the bank. So began my search for the bank. I’d gone there a couple of times, but always from a different route – now everything looked different; I circled all the buildings in the strip mall looking for my bank – no deal, I was in foreign doo doo. Each time I left the mall it meant waiting in rush hour traffic to get back onto the road, which appeared to be the main artery for the entire west side. This went on for at least 15 minutes until I completely left the area and went back a mile to my familiar pattern. This finally got me to the bank. But I still had to go back home to get the missing smile.

I crashed back into the house at 4:45 and stood near tears knowing that I didn’t have a prayer of getting to the restaurant by 5 pm. My son was sleeping like a baby, so I couldn’t yell at him. I rescued my dental work; by now it was almost five. Too late to go, I had to call and send my regrets. Needless to say I had my problems with directory assistance and the word Benvenutos, but that’s another story for another day.

In the morning, still verklempt by the evening before, I delivered the recipt to my son, who only asked me what happened to the tetrizinni.

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