Holy Wisdom Monestary

Arrived here around 3pm and just beat the rain. And rain it did! Buckets and torrents, pitchforks and hammerhandles–whatever cliche you can think of it did that. My room is next to and a  little above the ceiling of I think the chapel. It is covered with large stones and gravel and  now looks like a pond with stepping stones and aught-o-be ducks and frogs.

It’s almost time for supper, and I wonder what Robert will have for us. I’v never been much impressed with the food out here except for the Pizza lunch, which was terrific! Maybe suppers are better. I want to go over while there is a surcease of the downpour so I don’t get too wet even with an umbrella.

I’ve not gotten my Holy Wisdom brain turned on yet–I walked around after unpacking, did a crossword, checked my e-mail and Face Book messages, laid down, scratched my back against the doorway (I never break a sweat but today with all the unpacking activity I did, I am itchy now). If I could I would hop into the shower but I don’t hop anywhere anymore, especially in places of peril like the shower.

It stopped raining long enough to get up to the Monestary for supper. Delicious cake, baked potato and some kind of fish I didn’t eat. I was so clutsy I didn’t recognize the sour cream and butter until I wheeled up to my spot at the table, so I had to walk back out to the food table and get some. Then when I  started eating I realized I’d picked up two spoons instead of a fork, so I had three spoons to eat vegetable salad with delicious dressing and baked potato, then the chocolate cake. After I scraped my uneaten food into the trash, I left and left my left brain somewhere else again and couldn’t remember the code for the door. I punched in every numer I could think of; finally realized I wasn’t pressing enter, so began again. I finally got the door open so I could get to my room.  It was one of my less intelligent episodes out here.

I’m back now and ready to settle down and get some work done. I haven’t found a comfortable place to sit yet,  but I’m working on it. See you tomorrow.



Hurray – The Pavers are Here

At  8 o’clock this morning the beeping began from the trucks backing up and going forward laying the blacktop that will give us a driveway without huge pot holes and garage lips that act like Niagara Falls when it rains. They aren’t quite in front of my place yet but it seems like they will be today. Maybe, in fact, they will do the entire job today.


And Look at 1:15 pm. Same day. All paved. Looks wonderful. Hope I can walk on it tomorrow morning with my walker and last baggage trip to my retreat. I’m not sure where Eric has the car parked or will have it parked in the morning.

Oh Tiger We’re Glad to See You!

It’s really Fall and that means lots of football. But there is still the ending of the golf and baseball seasons around the same time and today was an example of Sunday’s game day driving me nuts.

The Packers played at 12:00, the Brewers at 12:05 and Golf was changing over to network at 12:30. The Pack has Aaron Rogers with a banged up knee. The Brewers are tailing the Cubs by only 1-2 games going back and forth. The PGA had the final FedEx Tournament that the golfers have been striving toward all season, and Tiger was playing and playing very well–he’d been at first place since Thursday and there was an outside chance he could win all the marbles if the rest of the group fell into specific places in the roster.

So you can image how my switch-channel finger was wearing down by the millimeter as I keep hitting the little button to go  from one to the other. At the same time I was cooking BBQ Ribs and cleaning out the refrigerator, so I was really multi-tasking (and they thought I couldn’t!!).

I had trouble leaving golf channel if Tiger was on camera, but when I switched to the Packers/Red Skins football game, I became involved in keeping my eye on Aaron so he wouldn’t get hurt with all the sacks he was getting from a very aggressive Washington team. I really didn’t get over to the Brewers until after 1 o’clock and they were ahead of Pittsburgh by four runs. I figured they didn’t need me, and I went back to golf.

By now Tiger was five points ahead of the next contender so I switched to the Pack, but I had just missed Mike McCarthy having a flameout with a referee over ClayMatthews flag for roughing a player–a bogus call among several this season. Back to the Brewers and they were 10, 11, 12, 13 runs just while I watched one batter. That was exciting and the ball was bouncing around the infield like a pinball  while Brewers emptiied all three bases with guys running into home while the catcher tried to corral the baseball. Back to golf and I decided to stay there and watch Tiger finish his last five holes. The  Ribs were done, the fridge cleaned, cats fed and I poured myself a big glass of lemonade over ice.

There was a chance toward the last few holes that if certain aspects fell into place, Tiger could win it all. I was too confused to figure if out as it involved lots of numbers designating players places on the Fed Ex list. I just watched. The men closest to him changed a couple of times and then it was Tiger at minus 12 and Rose down around minus 5 or 6 left. Tiger and Rory McIlroy were the only ones close and Rory dropped away and it looked like a shoo-in for Tiger for the tournament, but the FedEx Cup was still hovering in the air. Justin Rose needed to be tied for third place and with his previous scores would win the cup. He was at a tie for fourth place.

Then at the 18th flag, Rosie shot a birdie and moved into third place. He was the Cup winner even though Tiger had won the East Lake FedEx tournament. There was a decent roar for Rosie from the crowd, but when Tiger entered the 18th green the place went crazy–there were literally thousands of people lined up three to six deep all around the perimeter of the green. When Tiger played his last ball, the people went ballistic and even Tiger got emotional over the response from the crowd.

So Tiger won a championship that numbered 80 even though it had been a long dry spell of five years of painful surgeries for his back and an inch by inch rehab and return to playing the sport that had been in jeopardy in 2013. The Brewers won, but so did the Cubs so they kept their places in the race for the wildcard, but my beloved Packers lost and that’s two in a row. Maybe I should have stuck with them.



One More Step Left

After three days of rain, the sun came out yesterday and the Paver People finished laying the gravel and filling up that huge deep pool at the entrance from Harper Drive.

I even went out yesterday, walker and all. Eric helped me to the curb after traversing two lawns and three rough gravel stretches. Eric had to re-introduce me to the car! Off we went. It was so not-exciting. First to the clinic where he went in for a test and I stayed in the car. Next we came back to Verona and I went in and got my hair washed and dried at the Salon ($5 – good deal). While I was there, Eric went to get the mail–you know after a week, we still got only local ad flyer, junk and one bill. Then to Culver’s so I could get a cheeseburger, which I had been dreaming of for a week. Finally to the Pharmacy and back home–back through the lawns and loose gravel, only this time we were accompanied by two large earth movers–one was a Bobcat but I don’t know what the bigger one was called. The drivers didn’t look happy to see us; we’re still not supposed to be on it.

Today, yay! The brought in the huge machine with the heavy roller on it, leveled and smoothed all the gravel. Two of the men actually smiled at me when I was taking the pictures. It looks ready for paving, but the workmen went home and I suppose they don’t work on Sundays. I think we could drive on it tonight and tomorrow and use the garage, but no word yet to do so from the management.

Tiger has a five point lead and I hold my breath every time he hits the ball. It is such a miracle that he is back playing such good golf. This is the tournament for both the weekend-win, PLUS the season-long race for the FedEX cup itself and the m-o-n e-y. It is doubtful he can win the cup but he could win the tourament if he doesn’t fade tomorrow the way he has the last several tourneys.

I’m hoping to wake up Monday morning to the smell of tar and the pinging of large machines. I don’t know how long it takes asphalt to dry; I hope we can get the car in the garage to load the rest of the stuff (perishables) for my retreat. Otherwise Eric will have to get the car from where he parked it after work Monday night, and early in the morning help me to the car so I can go to poetry group. I’m leaving right after noon to pick him up so he can drive me to Holy Wisdom.

I can’t stay here to tell you about Tiger’s hoped-for win. You’ve heard about my exciting life already and I’m down to probably talking about the cat box and my bathroom woes, but before you scream at your computers, “NO, NO, NO! I’ll sign off with the promise of  an update and picture of the finished product next time. Thanks for listening.



The Tide, The Tide

– VOTE 11/6/2018 –


As the little guy on Love Boat used to yell The Boat, The Boat, I am being carried on the endless moving sea toward shore. I got thinking this morning that my health has been fairly stable (for me) and I’m feeling good BUT that damn tide keeps rolling forward and back out to sea over and over.

Today I got up and looked out our garage doors onto the driveway and road. Standing water. No workmen. Not raining but apparently last night’s downpour dictated no smoothing  today. There is standing water down by Harper Drive but no orange cones. Does that mean we can drive into our garages today–and quickly pack and unpack our trunks? The latest notice says we can’t drive until further notice.  Yesterday’s letter said we could drive on it Thursday through Sunday and they wouold pave on Monday. Uh!

I’m going on writing retreat next Tuesday but our car is hell and gone away. If they are paving Monday and Tuesday as the flyer said, I won’t be able to access my car without walking through chipmunk dens and other lumpy terrain. And heaven forbid the neighbors’ yards that contain doggie doo doo that hasn’t made its way into the plastic bag and the garbage.

I will have my printer, plus food and clothing for four days–I’m going to try and get all of this into my one suitcase so Eric can drag the Pullman bag across this no-man’s land. I will be following with my trusty walker bumping across the wet back yards grass. Then the car is a block and half from the end of the yards we have to traverse. I think neither  of us will be ideal travel companions after that.

The analogy I began with has become inundated by our water flowing up to my eyeballs every time I look out the garage door at the mess. I’m in no way diminishing the hell people are experiencing who are in the floods–we have some in  Wisconsin too and during the last rain the City Isthmus almost floated away. Here in Verona, we are high and dry on a hill. Perhaps the driveway is our comeuppance for not doing enough for others.

Anyhow, what I was trying to get at is that with my health being okay, I’m still racing toward the shore at warp speed. Maybe I’ll get pulled away a few more times, but the shore is inevitable. I hope I end up where the sand is white and fine, there are a few palm trees, and fresh water pools to lounge beside.



Dragons on our Path

I just read a blog entry about dragons–Let There Be Dragons–from a guide of mine. It struck a chord, and I decided to free-write a bit and see where it goes. I like the ideas in the article–our dragons are ourselves, of course, through procrastination, self-doubt, and giving in to the old dragon–Writers’ Block! What has my dragon done to me lately? Well, he complains to me and I let the anger from that say, I can’t create/write/paint now–I’m too upset. That dragon, let’s give him a name–let’s call him Rob (short for many other names). Rob is the basis of my self-doubt. When I was a young woman filled with insecurities and doubt natural to growing up, I first ran into Rob on my path. I was ill-equipped to fight him and allowed his fiery breath to take away all the possibilities I had ahead of me. I finally escaped into the forest for many years believing the things Rob had breathed on me.

But then I learned about a new path, one that had many new ways to travel–first letting a rebirth of my own dictate my self-worth. Through this journey I gained the strength to fight Rob. His fire doesn’t burn me for long, no matter when he throws it at me.

Where is Rob? He is with me always but I was able to strike a bargain with him–the old dragon and the old me–no longer barring my way. Oh, he occasionally falls into his own old dragon ways, he tries to blow out a little smoke and fire, but I retreat into the strength of my strong self and his fire burns out like a worn-out match. Dragons are eternal; I always carry a spray bottle of water.



. . . instead, I’m going to tell you
that back bench slug
doesn’t deserve to grip and grin

he wasn’t the best boy and now
he is embedded in our whitest house
using a death-knock with rhetoric to

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
using South Korean President Moon Jae-in
as a puppet in his plans

while Un colludes with unbeknowning
South Korea putting a shawl over
Moon’s naive smiling invitation to his side

of the de-militarized zone. Then Moon
takes Un’s hand and invites him back.
All Un is doing is to try and nationalize

Korea so he can convince Moon to expel
all foreign armies. He would next collude
with China and Russia colluding in Nukes and

the next war. In the meantime He might even
collude with and Bashar al-Assad’ in Syria
and take over all of Asia.

After all there is precedent for this and it
was called the Axis and involved several
races and cultures.

And we all know what’s next, don’t we!

jackie: 4/29/18